About us

About Us

After 2 years of research and hard work our company has devloped a pillow plate machine.


Excellent weld quality is of the utmost importance in stainless steel overlap welding.
Better accuracy and design of the machine results in High-quality welds with little or no distortion and consistent depth of weld from starting to end.
Rigidity of the machine and software enables trouble free production
Running and maintainence cost of the machine is really low as it has no consumable except some spare parts.
The system integration has been done to produce best quality pillow plates.


1)Consistent depth for best quality weld-As we are using hydraulics bars to compress sheet and water coolled base. We can assure best quality weld and consistent depth.
2)Minimum gap-A gap of more than one-tenth of the upper sheet may result in poor quality weld.Our constant efforts to reduce the gap have resulted in a top quality weld.
3 Warpage control-As a large amount of welding has to be done warpage control is of the utmost importance.No gap and consistent welding depth has resulted in complete warpage control.

We focus on better quality and better production techniques to produce better quality pillow plates.
We have manufactured the pillow plate machine for market and also for inhouse production of pillow plates also.
Our machines have been designed to weld all design of pillow plates.
Training for the complete production  is provided with the machine to produce pillow plates.

We Are Manufacturing Pillow Plates For
1) Dairy Industries.
2) Etp Plants.
3) Fermenter wine And beer.

All the industries which requires large cooling surface area or tailor made heat exchanger it can be welded on pillow plate machine.

Max Top Sheet We Can Weld Minimum Top Sheet Weld
                        2mm                0.7mm

All bottom sheet sizes can be used according to the requirement upto 20mm

Quality Control-As customer satisfaction is our first priority.
1) Quality for bead height consistency.
2) Spatter free weld.
3)Brightness in weld.
All design and shapes can be welded on our machine.

Benifits Of Pillow Plates

1) They can be welded in thinner materials(Cost effective).
2) They can be welded in any design (Tough designs can be easily welded in low cost).


If You Need Any Pillow Plate Or Agitator Motor Solution ... We Are Available For You

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