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Pillow Plates Manufacturer

Pillow Plate India specializes in manufacturing premium quality pillow plates as per the clients’ exact requirements. Individual one of the most trustworthy Pillow Plates Manufacturers In India, we never deliver a product of unsatisfactory excellence to the clients. A pillow plate is most commonly used in the food industry for cooling milk, ice stored in stainless steel tanks. The entire process of cooling milk in this manner is indirect. Alternative flow channels ensure the liquids never come in contact and heat exchange through surface completes the task. Our Industrial Pillow Plate is acceptable in the market for its efficiency and effectiveness in different industries.

We are manufacturing pillow plates for our machines have been designed to weld all kind Of design of pillow plates.


Training for the complete production machine is provided with the machine to produce pillow plates

We are manufacturing pillow plates for:

  • 1) Dairy industries
  • 2) Etp plants
  • 3) Fermenter wine and beer

All the industries which requires large cooling surface area or tailor made heat exchanger It can be welded pillow plates machines

Max top sheet We can weld Minimum top sheet weld
(1.7mm to 20mm) (0.7mm)

All bottom sheet size can be used according to requirement upto 20mm

Quality control-as customer satisfaction is of main importance process

  • 1) Quality for bead height consistency
  • 2) Spatter free weld
  • 3) Proper (sheild gas laser power)to ensure consistent depth and brightness in weld.

All design and shapes can be welded with the help of cnc machines.

Benifits of pillow plates

  • 1) They can be welded in thinner materials(cost effective)
  • 2) They can be welded in any design tough designs can be easily welded in low cost

For high production jobs spcial cost is available for better results.

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